Projected Capacitive Touch Panel To Recognize Finger Direction

Do you know Projected Capacitive Touch Panel to recognize finger direction? To fully utilize the functions of applications and operating systems, there also need multiple fingers to achieve optimal usability. After the advent of the iPhone, it is now difficult for users to imagine how they used to zoom in and out of photos and change the orientation of photo albums. And web views without supporting two-finger gestures.

The Origin Of The Concept Of Multi-touch Screen

Like the single-point touch screen, the multi-point touch screen that recognizes the direction of the finger also has a limitation. That is, the technology can simultaneously recognize a limited number of operating points on the screen. When the user interacts with the touch screen, more fingers will appear on the screen. This is the origin of the concept of multi-touch that recognizes the position of the finger. It can realize the manipulation of more than two fingers.

Multi-touch input

Cypress Company calls this technology "multi-touch input in all areas".It further improves the reliability and usability of the projected capacitive touch panel. And can meet the needs of a variety of feature-rich applications. Reliability refers to capturing the raw data of all touches on the screen with high accuracy, minimizing the confusion caused by inaccurate positioning of the screen touch. Usability means that applications with many functions can benefit from the screen manipulation capabilities of both hands or more than two fingers on screens of different sizes. 3D interactive games, keyboard input and map operations are some of the main objects that use this touch screen function.

Fundamentally speaking, the multi-touch region-wide input technology provides all touch data for equipment. And Also system OEM manufacturers to help them develop their creativity to develop the next generation of new and practical technologies.

New Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Solution

The True Touch touch screen solution launched by Cypress is an application example of multi-touch input in all areas. True Touch uses Cypress’s PSoC programmable system-on-chip structure. It integrates programmable analog and digital blocks. An 8-bit microcontroller can achieve flexibility and configurability. The transmitting capacitive touch screen controller of the Tme Touch solution can be expanded to support screens of various sizes. And can flexibly support single-point touch screens, multi-point touch screens that recognize finger directions. However, multi-point touch screen technology can recognize finger positions. True Touch can highly integrate external components, and is particularly suitable for working with various touch screen sensors or LCD displays.


The flexible PSoC structure allows designers to easily modify in the final stage of product design. It is not possible with other touch screen products. At present, this multi-touch screen technology continues to be used on a variety of device systems. Including Blackberry Storm smart phones, Mac Book Pro and HP tmichsmart desktop computers and laptops, portable media players, and a variety of other applications. Now, users have new expectations, hoping to further improve the way users interact with their electronic products. Moreover,various electronic products have also fulfilled this new requirement of users.

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