Multi Touch VS Single Touch

With the development of technology, touch screens are now ubiquitous. Generally, the number of touch points can be divided into Multi Touch VS Single Touch .

Multi Touch VS Single Touch

Multi Touch VS Single Touch

Capacitive Multi Touch:

Most capacitive touch screens on the market now support multi-touch. Generally, our capacitive touch screens can support 10-point touch. This is because the capacitive touch screen does not work like a resistive screen. It uses a current conductive object to form a power system with the touch screen to allow the capacitive screen to work. So as long as you touch with your finger, you can tap the touch screen at any time. Capacitive multi-touch and high-precision touch also bring business opportunities to many industries. For example, many game consoles use capacitive touch screens. Because it can support multiple people to participate in the game together. Because it can support multiple points, it will also cause its life span to be slightly shorter than single-touch.


Resistive Single Touch:

We all know it because of the working principle of resistive touch screens. It mainly uses pressure to make the touch screen work. For example, our human body can be pressed by pressure, or if you use nails, toothpicks, lighters, keys and other objects to press on the resistive screen, it can be touched. Therefore, the resistive touch screen can only support single-point touch. But the resistive screen can adapt to various harsh environments, such as rain, snow, high temperature, ultra-low temperature and so on. Generally, single-point touch screens have a longer service life than multi-point touch screens. Because single touch means that you can only touch one place at a time. If you want to click another place, then you have to press another place again. Moreover, the positioning of single-point touch is not as good as that of capacitive screens, and sensitivity imbalances often occur.


Alough Multi touch VS Single Touch,they all have their advantage and disadvantage.You can according to your detail requirement to choose the best touch screen for your project.


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