Dingtouch Medical Grade Touch Screen Used to Test for COVID-19 Symptoms

Dingtouch Medical Grade Touch Screen Used to Test for COVID-19 Symptoms


15.6-inch Medical Grade Touch Screen

Now due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Many customers will come to purchase medical-grade touch screens. Last week, customers came to use the 15.6-inch medical-grade touch screen. Generally ,customer will install and use in tents outside the clinic. Allow medical staff to screen patients for symptoms of coronavirus and complete registration of patient information from a distance.



If you use the 15.6-inch medical grade touch screen in the registered tent. It not only helps to keep the distance between the patient and the medical staff, but also prompts if the patient has already been infected. If it is connected to the Internet, it can also allow front desk staff to work from home, which can minimize face-to-face interaction. Moreover, we generally recommend that customers use the GFF structure, so that the weight of the touch screen will be relatively light. It can help staff move and work at any time. In addition, they can often wipe and disinfect the glass cover frequently, which can prevent the breeding of COVID 19 virus and other bacteria.


Medical Touch Screen Solution

Generally, for 15.6-inch medical-grade touch screens, we would recommend using ILITEK or EETI solutions. These two chip schemes will be relatively stable, and the touch effect is also very good. For 15.6-inch, we can make COB or COF solutions. You can choose the best solution according to your product design. For medical touch screens, we recommend anti-fingerprint and anti-glare treatment, and touch with gloves. We can according to your specific product design requirements to customize your touch panel.


We have done a lot of medical-level touches, and all kinds of materials have used relatively high-end solutions. Especially now, the COVID 19 pandemic may require more medical equipment to treat the new coronavirus in the future. For more information, please visit our COVID-19 Communication Center or contact us to discuss your project.


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