What Are The Main Application Areas Of Large Capacitive Touch screen?

Nowaday, Large Capacitive Touch Screen  have the advantages of multi-touch and other advantages because they have an area of 50 inches or more. In recent years, we have widely use more and more large-scale display devices . And better quality and stronger interactivity have also become its outstanding characteristics and have been valued in many fields. So what are the main application areas for large capacitive touch screen?


1. Large capacitive touch screen For Exhibitions, Museums And Other Places

In order to achieve better interaction with the audience or display more popular science content in places such as exhibitions and museums. A special screen is often used to connect to become a super-large multi-touch screen. Among them, we use the more practical large capacitive touch screen currently. In addition to using this touch screen, you can display rich colors and content. Give a higher sense of science and technology and a more realistic visit experience. The interaction between the audience and the content can also be realized through the touch screen.

2. Large capacitive touch screen For Shopping Malls And Entertainment Venues

Shopping malls and entertainment venues often need to set up many screens to achieve product promotion, navigation or route guidance. The advantage of using a multi-touch screen to replace traditional printed advertising is that the display device can change the advertising content in real time as needed. A single investment can basically cover the needs of the next ten years of use. It is not only cheaper in terms of installation cost and labor cost. Moreover, the commercial benefits achieved through the advertising of display devices are also more prominent.

3. Public Places Such As Tourist Attractions

Public service places will set up large-size multi-touch screens to display the functions, content, and necessary information of the place. For example, tourist attractions can use the large-size touch screen to display the map of the scenic spot, tourist information and other content. Hospitals use large-size touch screens to display guidance information, and administrative service centers use large-size touch screens to display convenient service information, and so on.

The use of large-size multi-touch screens has greatly enriched the connotation of these fields. At the same time, it brings more convenience to the operators in this field, as well as the audience, customers, and people. Judging from such advantages, we expect this kind of touch screen apply to more industries such as real estate, finance, retail, and catering and play more and more important roles in the future.

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