How To Troubleshoot The Industrial Touch Screens Capacitive If It Fails?

How to troubleshoot the Industrial Touch Screens Capacitive  if it fails? As we all know, there are many kinds of industrial touch screens, industrial resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, infrared touch screens, and non-touch screens. Friends in the industry know that infrared touch screens are expensive and not waterproof. General industrial users will not choose this touch method. Commonly used touch screens include resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens. How to avoid abnormal phenomena?


How To Troubleshoot The Industrial Touch Screens Capacitive If It Fails?

1) Resistive touchscreen

The resistive screen uses pressure sensing to determine the touch position, so it cannot be pressed against the industrial touch screen by other objects. And pay attention to the display shell, not to press the touch area.

 Industrial Touch Screens Capacitive

2)capacitive touchscreen

  1. The first time you use the capacitive touch screen , must run the screen calibration program . The system automatically stores the calibrated data in the register of the controller. There is no need to calibrate the screen after restarting the system.
  2. During use, if the resolution or display mode of an industrial tablet with a capacitive screen is changed. All must re-calibrate the touch screen system.
  3. You can't install multiple touch drivers. It is easy to cause conflicts when the system is running. As a result, you can't use the touch screen normally.


We widely use projected capacitive touch screens in portable devices today. They are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Interference voltage from internal or external will be capacitively coupled to the touch screen device. These interference voltages will cause electric charge movement in the touch screen. This may confuse the measurement of charge movement when the finger touches the screen. Therefore, the effective design and optimization of the touch screen system depends on the understanding of the interference coupling path and the reduction or compensation as much as possible.

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