The CTP Touch Screen Overlay Has Become A Good Helper For People's Intelligence

Now in such an era of high social population. CTP Touch Screen Overlay have become people's new favorites in densely populated places. You can see it often appears in shopping malls, banks, hospitals, schools, etc. Now basically in public places, there will be its presence.

CTP Touch Screen Overlay Application In Hospital

When we all go to the hospital to see a doctor, we can register and pick up the order on the touch screen. Then waiting for the triage call number, the doctor uses the electronic medical record system. You can track and query your information more quickly, and retrieve the inspection report. You can also print the inspection report yourself. We don’t have to wait any longer, and the doctor’s work pressure is less.

CTP Touch Screen Overlay

CTP Touch Screen Overlay Application In The Bank

When we go to the bank to do business, there is no need to wait in long lines. The touch screen can automatically rank for you. Some banks have adopted touch screen devices with peripherals such as ID card recognition equipment, video equipment, and printing equipment. Through it, business processing can be realized without waiting any longer, which is convenient and fast!

Touch Screen Application In School

More and more schools are also beginning to use touch screen products. In teaching, it can replace the original blackboard, projection and other equipment, and integrates writing, picture, music playback, video playback and other functions in one. Making the classroom more lively and interesting increases the enthusiasm of students in learning. In addition, you can also enter the remote classroom to learn independently.

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