CTP Capacitive Touch Panel ---You Define,We Design

CTP capacitive touch panel is mainly composed of cover plate, sensor, fpc, chip and so on. Our main advantage is that the most important part of the touch screen-the sensor is produced by ourselves, and we provide customers with a complete touch screen solution, customized exclusive product design, so that customers can save time and effort in design, quality, and after-sales.


Standard Options Beyond The Normal Off-the-shelf Design

We have some standard touch screen options, but most customers want their products to be more personalized. So many times they need open choices. Dingtouch understands that the customer's project needs are diverse, and our ready-made standard touch screen may not fully match the customer's needs. Therefore, we provide a customized solution to design a suitable open CTP capacitive touch panel for you.

  • Size from 1.5" to 65"
  • Provide projected capacitive touch technology
  • Structure: GG GFF
  • Customization: such as size, thickness, color, logo, etc.
  • Provide special designs for different applications. Such as outdoor applications can provide anti-ultraviolet design: anti-glare
  • Interface: I2C USB RS232
  • Function: Waterproof/touch with gloves

Easy Installation For CTP capacitive touch panel

In fact, the touch screen is very simple, like our large-size CPT capacitive touch panel, just connect the touch screen to the control panel, and then connect to your system through the USB cable. If your system is Windows, you can use it by connecting directly. If your system is Android or LINUX, then you need a driver, which you can use after downloading it.

Safety Certificate

Because the touch screen is only a part of a whole, in fact, most of them are not certified. But the raw materials we use are all in line with the requirements of green, safe, environmentally friendly, and CE/RSOH. So please rest assured to use. But if you really want to have a certification certificate for the touch screen, we can provide you with related services in this area.

Rich Experience

Dingtouch has been deeply involved in the touch field for more than 10 years, plus we design and produce Sensor glass/Sensor film by ourselves. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can assist customers in solving any touch screen problems. Whether it is industrial, medical or commercial, if you have any touch screen needs, please feel free to discuss with us, we will provide you with the best solution!

In conclusion, Dingtouch as a professional touch screen manufacturer with more than 10 years touch screen experience.We have many capacitive touch screen .Such as 5 inch touch screen, 7 inch touch screen,10.1 inch touch screen,15 inch touch screen,15.6 inch touch screen,17 inch touch screen,18.5 inch touch screen,19 inch touch screen,21.5 inch touch screen , 27 inch touch screen ,32 inch touch screen, However, we also welcome to customize your own touch screen . Contact our team today to lean what capacitive touch screen are best for our retail business needs. Contact us NOW!


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