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About Industrial Touch Screens

Touch Screen As The User Interface In The Industry

Touch-based technology simplifies the user interface between the operator and the machine. The touch screen can operate industrial applications faster, easier, and more clearly, thereby improving the efficiency of the work process and shortening the training time for machine operators. Touch screens are mainly used in various light and heavy industries.

Industrial Touch Screens

No downtime due to reliable touch screens

Our industrial touch screenssolutions are extremely durable and robust, avoid downtime and ensure smooth industrial production. The requirements for touch screens vary greatly due to different branches of the industry. However, due to long-term supplier experience as an industrial touch screen manufacturer,Dingtouchcan produce tailor-made touch screen solutions for you.

industrial touch screen can be used as a user interface to operate and control the machine easily and efficiently. We integrate the industrial touch screen into the machine, and it can also be found in industrial computers that can be used for data transmission on distributed systems. Whether you are installing it permanently or as a portable device, the reliability of the touch screen is a very important part of the industrial production chain.

Scratch-resistant And Robust Ultra-touch Screen For Heavy Industry

Some of our customers' product applications, especially in heavy industry and some consumer goods industries, must require an extremely rugged touch screen so that it can operate in harsh environments and without any specific precautions. We can imagine that in an industrial environment, dirt and dust are everywhere. Therefore, the touch screen needs a scratch-resistant and strong surface. In the past, many devices were based on resistive touch screens. We all know that many resistive touch screens are easily scratched, which easily limits their functions. But we can provide 6H or 7H cover glass, so that the touch screen can provide maximum scratch resistance, and even in the case of deep scratches, the touch screen can continue to work perfectly.

In the industrial sector, such as in many other sectors of the automobile production and consumer goods industry, there are usually clean production areas. We all know that in this area, the touch screen needs to be very strong and impact resistant to prevent tools or other objects from accidentally falling on the screen and causing damage, thereby ensuring the continuity of production. Due to the hard tempered glass surface, our touch screen is very sturdy and not easily damaged. So you can rest assured that such incidents will not cause the touch screen to malfunction, thereby affecting production.

Radiation Resistant And User-friendly Touch Screens

Our industrial touch screen is not affected by any interference radiation from other equipment. Due to their high electromagnetic compatibility, they can even be used in sensitive defense applications. Flexible operations such as fingers, gloves or pens are also important standards for industrial touch applications. Whether used as a safety precaution in a high-pressure device or a sterile environment, gloves are usually indispensable in industrial production. Our industrial touch screen can also use gloves or pens to operate the touch screen.

Moisture And Chemical Rsistance

Our industrial capacitive touch screen is different from the traditional resistive touch screen. We will conduct various strict tests on it, such as resistance to humidity, extreme temperature and chemical resistance, to ensure the reliability of the touch screen in various environments.

Both the chemical industry and the food industry rely on the chemical resistance of the touch screen surface. During the production process, the glass surface of the industrial touch screen will not be affected by direct and accidental contact with acids or other chemicals. Even chemical cleaners or disinfectants will not erode the touch screen surface. This is very important for our consumer goods manufacturers. However, some industries have put forward higher requirements for touch screens, such as resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures.

Dingtouch PCAP Touch Screen Manufacturer

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