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Over the years, many touch screens have also been installed on medical equipment. It provides a new and more accurate way for medical professionals to diagnose and live, and has made a lot of contributions to the development of medical technology.If you use a consumer-grade touch screen to perform micro-operations, you may face the risk of accidental touches and medical accidents. Can your current touch screen life span more than 5-6 years? Will your current touch screen be disturbed by other medical equipment components, and feel that the effect of the touch screen is not smooth? If your medical equipment has such problems, then replace your conventional or consumer-level touch screens with Dingtouch medical-grade pcap touch screens solution, because the use of medical touch screens on medical equipment is extremely important for the life safety of any patient.

Although Dingtouch medical-grade touch screen solutions may be a little more expensive than ordinary home or commercial touch screens, this is because manufacturing these medical-grade touch screens requires the use of more stable and high-quality pcap touch screen solutions to provide medical professionals with Function depends on making a more accurate diagnosis.

More stable pcap touch screen solution

In fact, for the touch screen, the most important thing is the chip solution. What chip scheme is used, it will affect the touch effect of any touch screen. For medical touch screens, how to choose a good chip solution is even more important. Because we all know that medical equipment is used for patient inspection, if there is a slight error, the consequences may be very serious.

Generally speaking, if it is used in medical touch screen solutions, we will recommend EETI or Cypress solutions. These two solutions are considered to be one of the top chips in touch screen chips. They are very first-class in terms of touch effects or various functions that they can support.They can be adapted to more demanding environmental conditions, and the touch screen has a relatively high accuracy. We all know how terrible it is to have a medical accident if the touch screen does not respond during a medical operation in an emergency. It is generally not recommended to use commercial touch screen in diagnostic or surgical environments. Under these circumstances, purchasing medical-grade touch screen is in the best interests of healthcare practitioners and their patients.However, our medical-grade touch screens are made of top-notch raw materials and undergo rigorous testing. This kind of touch screen insensitivity will never occur.

Anti-Glare/ Waterproof touch/ Gloves touch

Among medical equipment, some are instruments used in surgery. If this is the case, we generally recommend an anti-glare effect on the cover glass. why want to do that? Originally, our touch screens are generally fully transparent, but in a brightly light operating room, the doctor may not be able to see the contents of the instrument. Therefore, we would recommend anti-glare, which is to make the transparent transparency more obscure. In this way, under strong light, our medical staff can see the content of various indicators more clearly. In addition, general medical touch screen may also require water and gloves to be touched. These functions are still related to the problem of the chip. However, the EETI or Cypress chips we recommend are fully compatible with touching with water or wearing gloves. Here I would like to mention another problem, that is, many customers require that they can support touch with water and touch with gloves. In fact, these two functions are in conflict. One is to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen, and the other is to reduce it. So you say that you want to achieve a perfect touch effect for both, it is impossible to achieve. We can only ask customers which function they prefer, and our engineers will be more inclined to optimize that function when debugging firmware. But it can still support both touches.

Why is the Dingtouch touch screen solution a major investment for medical equipment and medical equipment manufacturers?

Customized designs for all types of medical uses

Constructed with industrial-grade and medical-grade components

Designed for 24/7/365 continuous operation; MTBF> 55,000 hours or 6.2 years

Easy to install and integrate with your medical application/system

High temperature and vibration resistance

Can be waterproof and dustproof

Customizable touch screen

12 months warranty and no dead pixels guarantee

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