5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Manufacturers Explain In Detail The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Capacitive Touch Screens

The 5 capacitive touch screen Is Welcomed By The Market

At present, with the development of science and technology, it changes our daily life to make it more convenient and efficient. Touch including many kinds, such as capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen. Capacitive touch screens are more common today. Many product devices use 5 capacitive touch screen.

The capacitive touch screen is an industrial touch screen that is friendly to man and machine. People widely use touch screen . Capacitive touch screens is very popular in market, because it have low power, long service life, and stable operation . Various capacitive touch screen products have been released one after another.

5 Capacitive Touch Screen

The Working Principle Of The 5 Capacitive Touch Screen

The capacitive touch screen uses only one layer of ITO. When the finger touches the screen on the surface. A certain total of positive charges will migrate to the body. In order to recycle this positive charge, charge the battery from the four corners of the display. The battery charge in each orientation is proportional to the distance between the contact points. That way we can figure out where the contact point is.

Generally, the ITO coating of surface capacitors must be applied with linearized metal electrodes around the display screen. In order to reduce the harm of the corner/side effect to the electrostatic field. Sometimes there is also an ITO shield under the ITO coating to shield noise. You shoule calibrate the surface capacitive touch screen at least once before application. Today, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of capacitive touch screens with everyone.

Advantages Of 5 Capacitive Touch Screen:

1.The Actual Operation Is Peculiar.

The capacitive touch screen supports multi-point touch, and the actual operation is more vivid and challenging.

2.It Is Not Easy To Touch The Screen By Mistake.

Because the capacitive touch screen requires the amount of current to be sensed to the body. Only the body can carry out actual operations on it. There is no certain relative when touched with other blocks. Therefore, the possibility of touching the screen is basically prevented.

3.High Wear Resistance.

Compared with resistive touch screen. Capacitive touch screens have a stronger reflection on the aspects of anti-fouling, moisture-proof, and abrasion resistance.

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