18.5-inch touch screen for industrial control

18.5-inch touch screen

18.5-inch touch screen

18.5-inch touch screen for industrial control

With the development of modern industrial production and the advancement of science and technology, we jointly promote industrial development and innovation.

The 18.5-inch touch screen for industrial control has some similarities with the 15.6-inch touch screen, but there are also some possible differences and features.

The following are some features related to 18.5-inch touch screen in industrial control:

1. Size and display: The 18.5-inch touch screen provides a larger display area than the 15.6-inch touch screen, and is suitable for industrial control interfaces to display complex operating interfaces and monitoring information.

2. Touch technology: Capacitive or resistive touch technology may also be used, selected according to specific application requirements. Capacitive touch screens may provide a more responsive touch experience, while resistive touch screens may be more suitable in some special environments.

3. Durability: 18.5-inch touch screen usually need to have high durability and be able to withstand shock, vibration and daily wear and tear in industrial environments.

4. Dust-proof and waterproof: Similar to the 15.6-inch touch screen, the 18.5-inch touch screen may also be dust-proof and waterproof to ensure the reliability of the equipment under harsh industrial conditions.

5. High-brightness display: In order to adapt to different lighting conditions, industrial touch screens usually need to have high-brightness display screens to ensure that information is clearly visible in various environments.

6. Wide temperature working range: Industrial control systems may face a wide temperature range, so the 18.5-inch touch screen needs to work stably under a wide range of temperature conditions.

7. Communication interface: The 18.5-inch touch screen may be equipped with a variety of communication interfaces to achieve seamless connection with industrial equipment and control systems to achieve data exchange and control operations.

8. DINGTOUCH customized design: DINGTOUCH provides 18.5-inch touch screen for different industrial application needs and can also be customized to meet special size, interface and functional requirements.

9. Compliance with industrial standards: Similar to the 15.6-inch touch screen, the 18.5-inch touch screen usually needs to comply with relevant industrial standards and certifications to ensure the stability and reliability of the device.

10.Suitable for various industrial applications: The 18.5-inch touch screen is widely used in various industrial application scenarios such as industrial automation, production monitoring, process control, mechanical equipment operation, etc., providing users with a larger operating interface and richer information display.

The 18.5-inch touch screen plays an important role in the field of industrial control, providing industrial users with a larger interactive interface and a more convenient and efficient operating experience.

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DINGTOUCH is a company specializing in the R&D and production of touch screen technology, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. As a professional touch screen supplier, DINGTOUCH is committed to providing high-quality, stable and reliable touch screen products to meet the diverse needs of customers. We continue to carry out technological innovation and product optimization to ensure that its touch screen products have good sensitivity, accuracy and durability.

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What DINGTOUCH can do:

• PCAP  maximum size 65”
• Multi-touch (Touch screen can be customized to your needs.)
• Optical bonding service/air bonding
• LCD interface: HDMI/RGB/MIPI/LVDS/EDP, etc.
• PCAP interface: IIC/USB interface
• CTP can customize the cover glass surface treatment process AG (anti-glare), AR (anti-reflection), AF (anti-fingerprint), waterproof, and glove touch
• Supports 0.55 mm-12 mm coverslip touch.

• Support operating temperature: -40℃-90℃.

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