Does your smart access control use a 10.1 inch touch screen?

Smart access control has been very popular in recent years, and the demand is also increasing year by year. Smart access control is needed in places where there is a flow of people, whether it is a residential area or an office. And the important part of the smart access control has to be said that the display and the touch screen, they are simply a perfect combination.Among the many sizes, the 10.1 inch touch screen is also one of the most widely used sizes for smart access control. Today let us talk about which 10.1 inch touch screen parameters are more frequently used.

Smart access control 10.1 inch touch screen display common parameters

We already have many customers' product applications in smart access control, security protection products and facial recognition products. We provide customers with TFT displays, customize touch screens according to customer needs, and provide suitable solutions. Therefore, I also have a deep understanding of the 10.1 inch touch screen display used in smart access control. Today, let us briefly introduce the parameters and specifications of the 10.1-inch display screen commonly used in the smart access control market.

The common resolutions of 10.1 inch smart access control displays are 800x480 and 1024x60. These two are the more conventional resolutions in the market and have a very high market share, especially the 1024x600 resolution, which uses the LVDS interface. Secondly, if the product is used in a relatively high-end environment, then more high-definition resolutions are required, such as 1280x800 and 1920x1200, and some use vertical screens and horizontal screens. But I want to tell everyone that the 10.1 inch vertical screen is cheaper than the 10.1 inch horizontal screen, and the 10.1 inch vertical screen can also be converted to a horizontal screen. So if the cost is more stringent, you can consider this solution.

Then there is the touch screen solution. Some customers have less project annual consumption. If you don't want to make the mold, you can directly use our standard 10.1 inch touch screen. But most customers will customize the touch screen according to their needs. With the size of 10.1 inch touch screen, if the cost requirements are stricter, we generally recommend choosing the I2C interface and using the GOODIX touch controller solution. So if it needs to be applied in the high-end environment or the surrounding environment is more demanding, we will recommend the ILITEK and EETI solutions, the price will be relatively more expensive, but the touch effect is very smooth, which is beyond doubt.

The price of 10.1 inch touch screen for smart access control

Due to the shortage of raw materials this year, such as LCD glass and touch screen chips, the price of 10.1-inch touch screens has also been rising, and the prices have also changed from time to time. In addition, different parameters and specifications, as well as different plans, will lead to completely different prices. So if you have a project and need to consult the price of the 10.1 inch touch screen, please feel free to contact us.

At present, we have long-term production of 10.1 inch touch screens, which have been widely used in various industries, and have also helped many customers in the smart access control industry successfully launch many smart access control products on the market, and have won unanimous praise. Our Dingtouch not only has good display effect, high touch performance, and strong reliability. Professional matters are handed over to professional manufacturers, welcome to consult.


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