The touch solution of PCAP capacitive touch screen support water

In our ordinary life, for example, the surface of our mobile phone's pcap capacitive touch screen is wet. Generally, we wipe the water off and we can touch it normally again. However, in many cases, the environment of some devices is relatively harsh, causing water droplets on the surface of the touch screen. According to our many years of touch screen production experience, the solution to this problem is more than just wiping off water droplets.

The specific analysis is as follows:

First of all, we must analyze the phenomenon of water droplets on the capacitive touch screen. How big is the water droplet, how big is the area, whether it is flow rate, the ambient temperature, or is still water mist, what is the conductivity, whether there is a finger in the water, these phenomena must be explained clearly , The mathematical model established can restore the object to be processed. (For these specific judgments, you can refer to this article: Does PCAP touch screen work underwater?) As for the fundamental solution, the chip is still the problem.

The touch screen chip of the capacitive touch screen also has a waterproof design on the hardware, such as Cypress, ilitek, EETI and other chips.

The capacitive touch screen includes N touch sensing sensors and N second touch sensing sensors, where N is a natural number. A touch sensing sensor and a second touch sensing sensor form a rectangular sensing unit symmetrically. Locate the position of the touch point in the X-axis direction according to the relative change of the capacitance of the touch-sensing sensor and the second touch-sensing sensor, and locate the position of the touch point in the Y-axis direction according to the capacitance changes of multiple sensing units, the X-axis The direction is the wide-side direction of the capacitive touch screen, and the Y-axis direction is the long-side direction of the capacitive touch screen. Since the sensing unit is rectangular, and the relative change trend of the capacitance of the touch sensing sensor and the second touch sensing sensor is symmetrical. This calculation is more accurate, and the point positioning of the capacitive touch screen is more accurate.

Capacitive touch screens operated with water and gloves do not need to be too entangled in the problem of water contamination. End users can change the touch screen. Customers only need to use a chip that supports water touch when designing a solution from a supplier. In general, the current capacitive touch screens can be designed and produced by our company to achieve waterproof touch screens, explosion-proof touch screens, and touch with water and touch with gloves. The main users are industrial control equipment, query all-in-one machines, smart homes, medical equipment, etc. As a touch screen manufacturer with 10 years of production experience, we can provide suitable, professional and reliable touch screen solutions for yourproject.Contact us!


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