Precautions For Transportation Of Industrial Usb Capacitive Touch Screens

Transportation damage handling method

1. To ensure that the usb capacitive touch screens you receive are accurate and undamaged. So please open the package and inspect the usb capacitive touch screens in the presence of the delivery person.
2. If the goods you receive are damaged due to improper transportation, you have the right to claim compensation from the transportation company. Or keep the goods, packaging materials and accessories intact, and contact our company in time.

The Storage Of Industrial Usb Capacitive Touch Screens

If for some reason it needs to be stored for a long time (such as several years), we recommend the following method:
1. Put into a polyethylene bag (preferably with anti-static coating) and seal the mouth
2. Place in a dark place to avoid strong light exposure
3. Never put any objects on the surface
4. Strictly avoid storing in an environment that exceeds the extreme temperature and humidity conditions

Industrial USB capacitive touch screen Matters Needing Attention

Please read the following precautions carefully before use to avoid unnecessary damage!

1. The touch screen is a glass fragile product. Any drop, knock and strong vibration may cause the glass to break. Do not press hard on the touch screen. Do not squeeze the touch screen forcefully during installation. Attention should be paid to the overall flatness of the touch screen. Avoid "bending" and "distorting" the touch screen caused by external forces.

2. In use or storage, you should be careful to touch the surface glass of the screen to avoid being scratched by hard objects. (It is strictly forbidden to put hard objects on the touch screen)

3. The touch screen works and stores at a temperature lower than or higher than the specified temperature and temperature range. Both may cause irreversible damage.

4. There are electronic components in the circuit driving part of the FPC of the touch screen. Avoid squeezing and damage during the design, assembly, and handling. Otherwise, the electronic components may be damaged and the touch screen may become dysfunctional.

5. Keep the surface of the touch screen clean during use and storage. If the water droplets stay on the touch screen for a long time. It may cause discoloration or stains on the surface of the touch screen. Therefore, when there are stains on the surface of the screen, use pure cotton or a soft cloth to wipe it. What's more,It is strictly forbidden to wipe the usb capacitive touch screens with gasoline, alcohol or other chemicals.

6. Generally, we use anti-static glue and EMC treatment on the touch screen. So when handling the touch screen, we must have good anti-static protection and effective grounding measures.


The Attention Items Of The Control Circuit

1. If the product is placed in the air with oxidizing or reducing gas for a long time. Or use it in a working environment where there are reagents, solvents, adhesives, resins, etc. that will generate such gases . May cause corrosion and discoloration of the touch screen block. So please choose the environment reasonably.
2. Do not place the module with the protective film in a high temperature environment. Otherwise, the protective film may stick to the surface of the module and cannot be peeled off, which will affect the appearance.
3. It is forbidden to pull the FPC forcefully during operation (including when it is taken out of the box) to avoid damage to the FPC.

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