Can The Usb Capacitive Touch Glass Be Customized With LOGO?

Nowadays, Usb Capacitive Touch Glass are used in many products. It can be said that touch screens have begun to enter many aspects of our lives. The easy-to-operate touch screen has left customers with a lot of image, but the merchants have also taken a fancy to this selling point. Can the touch screen be customized with LOGO? In this way, not only will my product be promoted. Let customers remember my brand. After all, the brand is easier to remember than the product. Therefore, the Usb Capacitive Touch Glass can completely customize the customer's LOGO.

Touch screens are gradually replacing traditional devices. It has become the first choice for many merchants to update and iterate their products. Its simple operation is liked by almost everyone. You only need to tap your finger on the touch screen. You can go to the content you want. Come to every aspect of our life brings a lot of convenience.

Provide Usb Capacitive Touch Glass Customizable Solutions:

usb capacitive touch glass

1.Customization Of Usb Capacitive Touch Glass Size:

The size of the touch screen can be flexibly changed. Moreover,we can all customize according to your size. So you only need to provide specific dimensions. We can arrange a quote for you.

2.Customized Cover Glass

In addition to custom sizes. We can also make cover plates with more special shapes according to your needs. Such as the shape, color, thickness and so on of the cover.

3.Customized LOGO:

Users can customize their own brand LOGO, we will silk-print the LOGO on the back of the cover according to the customer's supply requirements. Let you show the brand power brought by the touch screen imperceptibly.

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