What changes has touchscreen technology brought to the consumer electronics field?

touchscreen Technology Has Brought Huge Changes

touchscreen technology has brought tremendous changes to the consumer electronics field. The interface of the device has become more friendly and easy to use. With a light touch of a finger, the physical touch can be converted into a digital code. The new man-machine interface introduces new product concepts and innovates the structural design of 3C products. Under the concept of modular design, system integration creativity allows system designers to activate product system design creativity. Moreoever,the introduction of new technologies has driven the reorganization and transposition of the entire upstream and downstream industrial chain.

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It is foreseeable that with the rapid development of touch screen technology. The touch screen will play an important role in the popularization and utilization of computer technology. The application field of touch screen will be wider and wider, and the performance will be better and better. Understanding the development trend of touch screen technology is very necessary for the correct development of touch screen products.

The Development Trend Of touchscreen Technology Is:

1.Resistive Touch Screen Is Still The Mainstream In The Market

Although the service life of resistive touch screens is not very long and the transmittance is not good, it is the most commonly used touch screen technology on the market. Its low price and good response to fingers and touch pens make it the most sold touch screen product in the past 5 years.

In terms of current market development, resistive touch screens have price advantages. Among them, Samsung and LG’s new full-screen touch phones almost all use resistive touch screens. However, this situation may change in the next few years. Projected capacitive and infrared touch screens have also begun to penetrate the wireless handheld device market in 2007.

2.The Price Gap Between Capacitive And Resistive touchscreens Is Narrowing

Although many people have promoted the capacitive touch screen technology due to the launch of the iPhone. The application is not limited to touch screens of small handheld devices, in PC-related fields . Such as mice and keyboards, and even home appliances, Kiosks, and various applications related to life.  Both make capacitive touch more in line with the needs of future electronic products. Due to the wider application range, we have widely favor the capacitive touch screen technology . In other words,we believe that capacitive touch will replace resistive touch and become the mainstream of small-size panel applications.

The iPhone’s multi-touch abandons the traditional resistive touch and adopts the Pro-jective Capacitive technology in the capacitive touch screen technology, which means that the capacitive touch screen has higher light transmittance and superior color performance effect.

3. The Technical Characteristics Of The Panel Will Affect Its Most Suitable Application

As far as touch screen technology is concerned, the so-called most suitable application basically has to be discussed from two perspectives: application category and usage context. As long as there is a place where the screen use as output, basically we can use the external touch screen as input. However, from the perspective of application categories, touch screens basically have consumer, industrial and medical applications. Handwriting, pen writing, multi-finger, multi-person and environmental adaptability are the main considerations, so there have strucural change on the most suitable application.

4.Integrated Research Is Becoming More And More Popular

Compared with the original method of using the touch screen panel on the liquid crystal panel. The research on integrating the function of the touch screen panel with the liquid crystal panel is becoming more and more popular.  If the original external touch screen panel components can integrate with the liquid crystal panel. It will be possible to achieve a thinner and lighter panel. In addition, in the original method of externally placing the touch screen panel on the LCD screen, there is a physical space between the LCD screen and the touch screen panel. Therefore, there will have reflect the external light between the LCD panel and the touch screen panel, resulting in bright environments such as outdoors. It will reduce the visibility underneath . If we can integrate external touch screen panel components, it can suppress the decrease in visibility outdoors .

The integration of the touch screen panel and the liquid crystal panel includes the "In-cell" method and the "On-cell" method. In-cell refers to the method of embedding touch screen panel functions into liquid crystal pixels. On-cell refers to the method of embedding the touch screen panel function between the color filter substrate and the polarizing plate.

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