Is your touch screen order affected by COIVD 19?

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Since the global outbreak of COIVD 19 last year, many people have been isolated at home. This has brought a lot of demand for many touch screen devices, such as the surge in demand for our laptops for remote office and home study. After so long, COVID-19 looks likely to have a devastating impact on the touch screen supply chain. But it is indeed greater than the demand for ordering touch screens in previous years. The increase in demand for consumer products has also stimulated the demand for industrial touch screens.

Some links in the current touch screen product supply chain are very tight. After so many months, the demand for many key components still far exceeds the supply, causing prices to rise sharply. So far, we have been able to work with our raw material partners to minimize these rises and supply delays, but unfortunately, due to the severity of the situation, we can no longer withstand this situation, and our factories have nothing else. Choice, can only accept such a situation. This has also led to an increase in the price and delivery time of touch screens.

So this will inevitably increase prices for our customers, but still maintain normal supply. We will negotiate with raw material manufacturers based on specific conditions to ensure that the price increase and supply delay of raw materials are kept to a minimum.

Unfortunately, this situation is not expected to stabilize until the second half of 2022. We are very grateful to our customers and raw material partners for their support during this unprecedented period.

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