Which anti glare effect is better for etching AG, spraying AG, or coating AG?

Many touch screens are also used in outdoor environments. We all know that if you are outdoors, the touch screen may be affected by strong sunlight and you will not be able to see the information on the touch screen. So if it is used in outdoor environment equipment, we generally recommend customers to do anti-glare treatment on touch screen. So do you know what processes are available for anti-glare touch screens? Let us discuss it today.

First of all, what is an anti-glare touch screen?

It is a non-reflective touch screen or a low-reflective touch screen, which is a touch screen with special treatment on the surface of the touch screen cover. We will go through a special process on one or both sides of the original anti-glare glass to make it have a lower reflectance than ordinary glass. The reflectance of sunlight is reduced from 8% to less than 2%, allowing consumption The user can see any content on the touch screen more clearly.Usually we need to detect glass parameters: gloss, roughness, haze, particle span, flash point, etc.

So next, let’s understand what we often talk about as anti-glare effect, what kind of anti-glare technology is there, and which one is better to choose?Generally for anti-glare touch screens, we can do these three processes: spraying anti-glare, coating anti-glare and etching anti-glare.

Spraying anti-glare: It is to use spraying to condense on the glass surface to form a layer of micro-particle attachments, which combine with the glass surface by intermolecular forces to achieve the anti-glare effect. This processing technology is very convenient and fast, the production efficiency is also high, the cost is low, and it can be very convenient to process anti-glare effects with different gloss and haze.However, the spraying process also has shortcomings. The coating material will fall off and partially blurred during writing friction, ink dissolution, sweat corrosion, and changes in temperature and humidity, which will directly lead to blurred images, inaccurate positioning, and misoperation. This phenomenon seriously affects the sense of experience, and the service life is relatively short, requiring frequent replacement, and its parameters are also difficult to make significant adjustments.

anti glare touch screen

Coating anti-glare: it is a kind of physical and chemical coating process, the professional term in the touch screen industry is called polarizer surface treatment, which is a method of polarizer surface treatment. By processing the surface of the polarizer with fine unevenness, it prevents direct light from entering the eyes, thereby effectively reducing glare and reflection. This process was originally applied to the rearview mirror of a car. The coating anti-glare processing technology determines that it is difficult to change its hardness value, and the coating anti-glare will be scratched after a period of use, and the handwriting feel is similar to that of ordinary handwriting on paper. This limits his scope of application as he wants. Basically it can only be used on rearview mirrors, and a small amount is also used on TV screens and navigators. With the development of economy and technology, people's requirements for touch screens are getting higher and higher, so the requirements for this kind of anti-glare are also getting higher and higher, so the coating anti-glare technology is slowly being eliminated by the market.

Etching anti-glare: it is produced by a chemical etching process, and its main feature is that the original glass surface becomes a matte diffuse reflection surface, which can blur the reflection effect, reduce the reflectivity, and reduce light and shadow. Etching anti-glare can make the surface anti-corrosion and anti-scratch. This advantage solves the problem of reflection and glare caused by many touch screen devices outdoors. Etching and anti-glare is a chemical etching. After processing, it is still glass. Since the nature of the surface is not affected, the product life is similar to that of ordinary tempered glass. Moreover, the etched surface grains are relatively uniform, which cannot be achieved by the previous two anti-glare processes.

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