Touch can be seen everywhere, touch screen TP technology innovates smart home!

Touch can be seen everywhere, touch screen TP technology innovates smart home!

Smart home is a very hot topic in the past ten years. It has brought a lot of changes to our lives. So we are not unfamiliar with it. It provides a full range of information interaction from equipment automation. For example: smart buildings, network communications, smart home appliances, self-service touch kiosks, vending machines, coffee machines, smart homes, kitchen appliances, industrial controls, medical equipment, etc. Even saving money for various energy costs is changing and improving our living environment. Improve our quality of life.

At present, the most commonly used smart home touch screen TP detects coordinates by sensing static electricity through capacitive touch technology. Multi-touch is possible. The display clarity provided by capacitive touch technology is much clearer than the plastic film used in resistive touch controls. And the transmittance is much higher.

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Electronic products equipped with touch technology will be more and more integrated into life. The touch smart switch is very convenient to use. It is many times longer than traditional mechanical switches. Personalized styles are also varied, the workmanship is high, and it is beautiful. It has played a big role in improving our quality of life and people's income. Electronic products equipped with touch technology will be more and more integrated into life. The application in smart home also has advantages.

The Importance of Capacitive Touch Screens for Smart Homes

The emergence of the smart home has also brought life to other industries. This includes the high-definition touch screen. People can achieve intelligence through simple operations. Therefore, smart home products are also inseparable from high-definition touch screens, and the two complement each other.

The high-definition touch screen can provide display + touch integration services for smart home products. And supports multi-touch, even ten-point touch of high-definition touch screen. Convenience in the display is also very prominent, high-definition resolution. It has the perfect display effect without lack of reliable performance.

capacitive touch screen TP has more personalized application scenarios

The application scenarios of capacitive touch screen in the smart home industry are very extensive. Such as villas, residential areas, commercial centers, office buildings, gymnasiums. All need to use intelligent terminal equipment equipped with high-definition touch screen.

The terminal equipment of smart home also includes a series of smart products. Such as building intercom, video doorbell, smart mirror, home control panel, smart coffee table, smart door lock, etc. The required high-definition touch size also covers a wide range.

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