What Are The Driving Principles Of Smart Pcap Touch Glass?

With the rapid development of today's society, it is not only society that has developed. Even our products in all aspects are under development. Quickly use it in various industries. Bring different effects to the industry. The capacitive touch screen is one of them. So what are the driving principles of Smart Pcap Touch Glass?

1.Projected Smart Pcap Touch Glass

The basic structure and operating principle of a projected Smart Pcap Touch Glass. The method of laying electrodes vertically and horizontally is the same as that of the four-wire impedance film. However, the impedance film of the projected capacitive method does not pass through the touch field. Instead, it captures the capacitance change between the electrodes. On the whole, it can almost be said to be an extended version of the second dimension when the touch switch uses capacitive sensing. About the touch switcher.

Smart Pcap Touch Glass

The projected capacitive method does not require electrode deformation similar to the impedance film method. It can also be sensed at a distance of 10 mm from the surface of the touch panel. In addition, the surface cover glass of the panel has strong scratch resistance, durability, and environmental resistance. However, the insulating touch panel that does not produce capacitance changes cannot operate, so glove touch cannot be operated.

2.Surface Smart Pcap Touch Glass

The surface capacitance method is the same as the projected capacitance method. They all sense changes in electrostatic capacity. , If the projected capacitance method is regarded as a four-wire impedance film method. The surface capacitance method is equivalent to the five-wire impedance film method. The fifth line is the human body. It is composed of a transparent conductive film and four-corner electrodes, and the same voltage is applied to the four-corner electrodes during operation. The entire panel will form a uniform electrical boundary.

When all of them are in the same phase, the capacitors on the panel will discharge, and the current will not flow at this time. On the contrary, when the finger touches the panel, it becomes the same state as the grounding of the capacitor. The current flows from the four corners through the finger. The closer to the touched part, the greater the electrode current value. At this time, only the current from the four corners is measured. Ratio, you can judge a specific part.

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