Smart Home Pcap Touch Screen Realizes Multi-function

With the development of the times, people's requirements for life are getting higher and higher. Thus appeared the smart home touch screen. While meeting people's needs, it also leads people into a technological life. Smart homes are not ordinary home appliances. Instead, it uses advanced smart home systems. Achieve multiple functions to meet application requirements. Here we will take a look at the characteristics of the smart home pcap touch screen control system with everyone.

The smart home can control the situation at home freely through the touch screen. It can perform lighting control, curtain control, gas alarm, floor heating temperature adjustment, and fresh air system switch.

1.The Smart Home Pcap Touch Screen System Is Flexible.

On the whole, the smart home pcap touch screen is composed of various subsystems through a network communication system. It is very convenient to use. You can put it as needed. A light touch on the touch screen can reduce or add subsystems on the screen to meet demand.

Smart Home Pcap Touch

2.Convenient Operation And Management

All devices of the touch screen can be operated through man-machine interfaces such as mobile phones, tablets, touch screens, etc., which is very convenient. If you are not at home, you suddenly forget to turn off the household equipment at home. You can turn off the device directly on your phone.

3.The Smart Home Pcap Touch Screen Has Rich Scene Control Functions.

The scene control function of the smart home touch screen is very rich. You can set various control modes on the touch screen according to your own needs. Such as leaving home mode, going home mode, raining mode, birthday mode, banquet mode, energy saving mode, etc. So many touch screen scene modes greatly meet the quality of life needs.

4.Information Resource Sharing

You can post the temperature, humidity, and dryness of your home to the Internet. Form the entire regional environmental monitoring point outside the country. Provide effective and valuable information for environmental monitoring.

5.Automatic Alarm

As long as any one of the above alarms occurs. The alarm signal will be automatically transmitted to the security duty center. At the same time, according to the setting, the sound and light alarm device in the home can be activated and the preset phone number can be dialed.

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