Smart Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel Shines In Various Fields

There have a large number of applications use projected capacitive touchscreen panel products in all walks of life. People are increasingly inclined to use it to complete various tasks. Its application in different fields of various industries is gradually replacing the previous tools such as posters, light box advertisements, projectors, traditional digital signage, flyers, banners and so on. Brings a lot of changes and convenience to our lives.

Application Of Projected Capacitive touchscreen Panel In Various Fields

Medical Industry

Because of its powerful functions, it can be reflected in all walks of life. The current population aging, chronic diseases, and other demographic changes are becoming more and more prevalent, driving people's demand for medical care. More and more people are seeing a doctor, but there is not connect the hospital systems in our country. And the rate of repeated visits by patients is low. When you arrive at a hospital, you need to process a new case, so it is difficult for doctors to understand the patient's previous situation.

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With the development of touch screens, electronic medical records have been put on the agenda. By collecting comprehensive and high-quality data. Such as structured data, panoramic data, in-hospital diagnosis and treatment data, and out-of-hospital follow-up data, health data, patient genetic data, etc. Build professional and structured electronic medical records for patients. Through continuous and comprehensive understanding of patients. Let the doctor make better judgments in the follow-up treatment. This is the application closest to the people's livelihood.

Meeting Room

Not only that, among enterprises and companies, the conference touch screen solves the shortcomings of traditional projection technology such as unclear display, cumbersome operation and high maintenance costs. At the same time, you can use handwriting software to make comments directly when using meeting documents. you canI modify directly in the document. It’s easy to have a meeting, and you don’t need to bring your laptop, keyboard, and mouse anymore. However, It is really countless to count the functions and applications of touch screens.

The Mystery Of The Projected Capacitive touchscreen Panel Shines

Nowadays, high-tech products emerge in endlessly. Not only supported by the powerful hardware functions we call. We can customize the touch screen according to project requirements. But the most embarrassing thing is its artificial intelligence factor. Artificial intelligence is a new technological science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems used to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence. It and the software data analysis of the touch screen are interdependent, mutually perfect, and indispensable. With the development of big data and artificial intelligence. You can use touch screens can also  in more fields to benefit mankind.

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