Pcap Capacitive Touch Screens Have Become The Mainstream?

Industrial touch screens are very common in the technological era, and of course there are many benefits. Especially in terms of efficiency, a lot has been improved. Now various industries are constantly developing. Need to use a lot of machinery and equipment. Therefore, these Pcap Capacitive Touch Screens involve a wide range of industries, such as outdoor billboards, or some computer display screens.


Pcap Capacitive Touch Screens Instead Of Non-touch Screen Products

Touch-screen computers and non-touch-screen computers are not in competition. It's an alternative relationship. Just like all product upgrades. But this replacement process is also relatively long. The reason is precisely because the original inventory of manufacturers is difficult to digest in a short period of time. And the relatively low price of non-touch screen computers has created a certain amount of demand. As a result, the current sales of non-touch-screen computers on the market still account for more than 63% of the market share. However, when all manufacturers devote themselves to touch-screen computers. Usher in more low-cost touch-screen computers, the market share of non-touch-screen computers will decline sharply.

Pcap Capacitive Touch Screens Replaces Resistive Touch Screen

In the field of industrial computers, capacitive touch is expected to replace resistive touch on a large scale. Become the mainstream of the industry. Although so far, resistive touch has occupied a large market share with its cost advantage. However, the cost of capacitive touch drops at a rate of about 20% every year. Soon the cost of capacitive touch will be close to the cost of resistive touch. It is almost inevitable that capacitive touch will replace resistive touch in a large range.

Inability To Form A Competitive Advantage In The Short Term

As far as industrial electronic products are concerned. Such as cash registers, ATMs, POS, medical instrument panels, electronic bulletin boards and other electronic products with different usage scenarios. The most suitable technology is also different. Mainly consider the panel size and environmental adaptability. For example, industrial computers need to solve the glove problem. Medical applications often require pen-controlled input, which has strict requirements and is not suitable for resistive type. As for other touch panel technologies. Such as electromagnetic surface capacitive type, embedded light detection type, optical imaging type and so on. Most of them are unable to form a competitive advantage in the short term due to cost and yield or usage scenarios.

Control The Cost Of Capacitive Touch Screens

Competitiveness lies in controlling costs and improving experience. At present, the goal of everyone's efforts in the entire capacitive touch industry chain is to reduce costs. Make the price close to the price level generally accepted by consumers. Allow capacitive touch products to enter an explosive growth stage.

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