Have You Know About The Development Of Pcap Touch Screens Panel?

With the development of computer technology, the input method of the computer has gone through four stages. From the original paper tape input to keyboard input, to mouse input, and then to touch input. This process is a process from professional to popularization. Touch screen technology allows more people to use computers. The touch screen is an interactive input device. The user only needs to touch a certain position of the screen with a finger or a light pen to control the operation of the computer. Therefore, the Pcap Touch Screens Panel technology has the characteristics of simple operation and flexible use.

pcap Touch Screens Panel

Touch Panel (Touch Panel) technology was produced in the 1970s. It was first applied to the US military. Since then, the technology has gradually shifted to civilian use. And with the development of electronic technology, network technology and the popularization of Internet applications. A new generation of touch screen technology and products have appeared one after another. Its sturdy and durable, fast response speed, space saving, easy communication. Also we recognize many other advantages.

The Wide Application Of Pcap Touch Screens Panel To Our Lives

Gradually, we have push this most relaxed human-computer interaction technology to many fields. In addition ,we use it in personal portable information products. It is also widely used in home appliances, public information (such as e-government, banking, hospital, electric power and other department business queries, etc.), electronic games, communication equipment, office automation equipment, information collection equipment and industrial equipment, etc.

Although the application of touch screen technology in our country has only been in use for more than ten years. But it has become the most acceptable computer input method for ordinary people after keyboard, mouse, handwriting pad, and voice input. Using this technology, users can operate the host by gently touching the icons or text on the computer display with their fingers. This makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technique greatly facilitates users. Become a very attractive new multimedia interactive device.

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