Multi Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Introduction

Bringing In The Era Of Multi Pcap Capacitive touchscreen

Now is the era of touch control, and many LCD products such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, and advertising players are constantly developing touch technology. Multi-touch is a technology that adopts human-computer interaction technology and hardware equipment to realize the technology. What's more, It can operate the computer without a mouse and keyboard. Many devices now also use Multi Pcap Capacitive touchscreen technology. It can accept the human-computer interaction from multiple points on the screen at the same time.

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Technical Features Of Multi Pcap Capacitive touchscreen

  1. Multi-touch is a multi-point interactive operation mode on one display screen. Abandon the traditional single-point method of keyboard and mouse. Make the operation more simple and smooth.
  2. The user can touch the screen with different gestures such as single-point or multi-point touch, single-click, double-click, panning, pressing, scrolling, and dragging. To achieve arbitrary control. So as to have a more comprehensive understanding of images, text and other information.
  3. Corresponding touchpads, touch pens and other related accessories. Also we can according to customer needs to customize. 

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