What Is The Difference Between Industrial Pcap Touch Screen And Commercial Touch Screen?

Many devices now use touch screens. Because the touch screen has the advantages of simple operation, it has quickly been widely used. Nowadays, touch screens are also installed in many industrial equipment. So what is the difference between industrial pcap touch screen and commercial touch screen?

1.Different Components Used:

Ordinary commercial touch screen components only need to meet general requirements. But the service life will be relatively short. However, industrial touch screens have relatively high requirements for quality and stability. It must be ensured that the industrial touch screen can be used normally under harsh conditions.

2.The Service Life Of The Motherboard Is Different:

The internal hardware of ordinary touch screens can be updated quickly. Therefore, the general commercial-grade motherboard has a life span of only six months to one year. The motherboard of the industrial touch screen can reach a lifespan of 5 years under normal use.

industrial pcap touch screen

3.Different Reliability Between Industrial Pcap Touch Screen And Commercial Touch Screen:

Because of the market positioning of ordinary commercial touch screens. Its products generally only have CCC certification required for electronic products, and civil-level electromagnetic compatibility certification. Industrial touch screens are mainly aimed at the industrial market. Industrial-grade products have relatively stricter requirements on quality and stability. Before each product goes on the market, vibration, drop, high temperature and other industrial requirements are tested. Due to different market positioning, authentication methods and testing methods are different.

4.Different Degree Of Customization:

Once an ordinary commercial touch screen is produced, it cannot be changed at will. However, the industrial touch screen can flexibly meet the individual needs of some customers. Can realize user customization. More perfectly match the customer's use demand environment.

5.Different Protection Functions Between Industrial Pcap Touch Screen And Commercial Touch Screen:

Commercial touch screens provide simple protection functions such as dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and anti-aging, or no protection function. Industrial touch screens are used in harsh environments all year round, so the requirements for dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and anti-aging are very high. When encountering abnormal conditions such as crashes, it can fully guarantee the high stability requirements of the system in harsh environments.

6.Different Working Temperature:

Commercial touch screens can basically only be tested in an external environment between 5 degrees and 38 degrees. The industrial touch screen adopts a wide temperature design, and the temperature range can reach -30 degrees to 70 degrees. For extreme temperatures, it can be customized to meet customer needs.

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