What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing An Industrial Capacitive Touch Screens?

Today ,let us talk about what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing an industrial capacitive touch screens.

Quality Of Industrial Capacitive Touch Screens:


Different products can directly see the area in terms of intuitive effects. For example, the products of big brands are relatively mature in workmanship. However, some small manufacturers suffer from immature or substandard technology, which results in a big difference in the quality of the board. So the industrial capacitive touch screens' workmanship must very good.


Generally, there are differences in the prices of products of large companies and small companies in the market. The main difference is the difference in basic components. Some small companies use second-hand components to reduce costs. However, large companies have strict requirements on the procurement of components. The quality of components directly affects the quality of the machine, as well as the service life and maintenance frequency.


Performance Of Industrial Capacitive Touch Screens:


For industrial touch screen performance, it is generally required to be very stable. Because we all know that the industrial environment is very harsh. So it has very high performance requirements for the touch screen.

2.Use environment:

The performance of the touch screen also mainly depends on the use environment of the touch screen. The general industrial environment is a place with high temperature, dust and high humidity. If it is a touch screen with ordinary performance, I believe its performance is definitely not so good. Because it needs a specific solution to make the touch screen more stable when working.


Most of today's industrial touch screens are sold globally. There is a big difference between large companies and small companies in terms of after-sales. Large companies basically have their own subsidiaries or offices in every major city or region. To meet the quick response service system of after-sales service. Smaller companies should be unable to achieve such coverage due to funding issues. So this is the current small company's product is only a regional product. This is also a challenge faced by small companies.

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