What Is The Standard To Measure A High Quality Touchscreen?

To see whether a product is of high quality, we can refer to some standard conditions to know. But we need to know what its standard is, so that we can't make a mistake. The touch screen is the same. So what is the standard to measure whether a high quality touchscreen?

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Any Object Can Be Touched

According to the survey of the editor, the biggest advantage of the current touch screen compared to the general touch screen is that it can touch any object, and it will also produce a certain sense. These do not require special materials for touch sensing. , The touch screen is absolutely safe and we can use it to write and draw.

The High Quality touchscreen Is Not Afraid Of Being Dirty

The touch screen works in a completely enclosed state. Such a working environment is completely isolated from the outside world. The touch screen used in this enclosed environment has a unique natural barrier, so we don’t have to worry about getting in dust, oil and dirt. Pollution of water vapor, etc.

High Quality touchscreen Have High Accuracy

Experts say that size is one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of a touch screen, which can well indicate that the touch screen has good accuracy. The precise resolution of the touch screen system we made is very good and it is also very stable, and there will never be any problems such as drift. Experts say that using five-wire resistors for touch screens is relatively expensive.

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