Dingtouch Provides Explosion-proof Touch Screen Solutions

Recently, we have customers to inquire whether we can provide explosion-proof touch screen solutions. We can do explosion-proof touch screen solutions. So today let us talk about the explosion proof touch screen solution.

Dingtouch Provides Explosion-proof Touch Screen Solutions

In fact, most of our touch screens now use tempered glass. If the glass is hit hard, the glass slag will not splash out. Only cracks are formed on the surface. The explosion proof touch screen is generally used in some relatively high temperature environments. Will use the explosion-proof layer. There are many industrial-grade touch screens that are relatively heavy. The first one is that its hardware equipment must do a good job of heat dissipation.

explosion-proof touch screen

This is why we will have another measure. That is, there will be a layer of glue called high temperature glue on the control card on the touch screen or on the FPC. And this layer of high temperature glue is used to lower the temperature. Don't let the control board heat up so fast or so hot. Everyone knows that heating of electrical appliances is a terrible thing. Then the explosion proof touch screen is not only the surface explosion proof work, but also to ensure the heat dissipation of the whole machine.

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