Turkish Customers Use Custom Capacitive Touchscreen For Medical Equipment

Recently, Turkish customers have purchased our custom capacitive touchscreen for medical equipment. West is developed in science, and touch input can integrate many functions on one device. Therefore, it saves valuable laboratory treasure or operating room space. There are several types of touch screens that can be completely sealed. Yes. Wear gloves to operate and not be affected by substances that may appear on surgical gloves.

Advantages Of Custom Capacitive touchscreen

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1) Custom Capacitive touchscreen Can Improve Work Efficiency

When speed is of the utmost importance, touch control technology has its advantages. In the field of medical products, we use custom capacitive touchscreen as operating platforms to increase the efficiency and accuracy of medical analysis equipment. Such as advanced x-rays, ultrasound and pacemakers. When doctors use electronic medical records, data systems, laboratory equipment and portable devices. The touch screen helped a lot. The application of touch screen technology enables medical staff to improve work efficiency and accuracy without requiring a lot of training.

2) Improved Accuracy

In the medical field, funds are often in short supply. Touch screen technology allows hospitals and laboratories to quickly hire novices and trust that their performance will meet the most demanding requirements. However, it can save a lot of tedious training on the computer system. Only the user needs to look and press. In addition, it is faster and more precise than keyboard and mouse.

3)Custom Capacitive touchscreen Can Save Time

Touch computer technology has more and more extensive uses in the medical field. Such as using a touch computer and a high-resolution video camera. Can capture fundus images; processed by computer. Diagnose and treat various diseases based on digital images. Also the use of touch technology here can simplify data processing. Reduce the time spent diagnosing the condition and explaining the treatment to the patient.

4) Involve Patients

Another use is to involve patients. A touch computer system is installed in each department. According to the different conditions of the patient, a short video will be played on the touch screen. Help them understand the treatment recommended by the doctor. Also a touch screen is placed in the hall to automatically provide patients with satisfactory inspections and consultations. This shortens the registration time and allows patients to clearly understand their pathology records.

If you let the patient understand the condition and the cause of the disease. Then the patient is willing to cooperate with the doctor's treatment to increase the cure rate. So The touch system absorbs the patient to participate in the treatment, which is the key to the success of the treatment.

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