What Advantages Does Capacitive Touchscreen Overlay Bring To Shopping Mall Advertising

With the progress and development of the technological age, when we go to the mall to hang out or go shopping. You will often see devices with exquisite appearances and touch screens. Will attract the attention of many consumers. Many consumers will unconsciously go up and experience it. Nowadays, many shopping malls will use capacitive touchscreen overlay devices. So what advantages and characteristics do touch screen devices bring to shopping mall advertising? I will introduce you to a specific introduction today.

1.The Capacitive touchscreen Overlay Is Easy To Operate

Compared with the traditional use of mouse and keyboard to type and input. , The touch function of the touch screen is simple and easy to use. It does not require cumbersome text descriptions. The touch information is rich in graphics and text, and the structure is clear. Let users know at a glance. Just touch the relevant buttons on the screen with your fingers. You can enter the world of information.

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2.Capacitive touchscreen Overlay Simplify The Information System

The touch screen only provides useful options about shopping mall information. Simplified the information selection function of the screen. Guide the user step by step to complete the information query operation to be performed. Allow users to complete touch operations more quickly and simply. Get the information content you want to query in the fastest time.

3.High Quality And Strong Durability

The hardware composition of the touch screen uses hardware materials. Sturdy and durable, with the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, scratch-proof and impact-resistant. In addition, the touch screen has a long service life.

Touch screen, only need to use fingers to operate. Soon you can get the information you want. Bring great convenience to users. As a large public place, the shopping mall has a very large base of people coming and going. And the structure of the mall and many shops. For consultation of various information such as routes, activities, products, etc., the touch screen provides great help.

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