What Tests Does The Capacitive Touchscreen Kit Need To Pass?

As an input device, the capacitive touchscreen kit has the advantages of being easy to use, durable, responsive, and saving indoor space. Customers can also complete the actual operation by touching the screen of the mobile phone at the same time. No need to rely on computer keyboard or computer mouse. It has strong applicability and universal use.

What Tests Does The Capacitive touchscreen Kit Need To Pass?

We must confirm the quality of the touch screen through testing. Reliability testing needs to be carried out in production. The main test report includes high and low temperature test storage, thermal and cold shock storage, wire bonding test, line drawing test, surface strength, surface static pressure test, packaging vibration, packaging drop, and bearing steel ball impact testing.

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There are great requirements for the current transmission in the touch screen detection. However, you can use the high-current spring gold micro-needle module for connection and disconnection. One is that it can deliver up to 50A of current and can maintain a long-term connection. Second, it is not easy to cause puncture marks on the RF connector. It has a service life with an average value exceeding 20w times. Moreover, the third is to solve the complicated interface test, continuous pin, smooth pin. It can reasonably improve the detection efficiency.

The main components of the touch screen are the sensor module that solves the customer's choice. Also and the control panel that recognizes touch and accurately locates. The mobile phone software that transmits the touch data signal to the application is promoted. These three types of components constitute the work plan of the touch screen. In addition to the open components, touch screens also include capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens, infrared induction touch screens, surface acoustic wave touch screens and offline imaging touch screens.

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