How To Choose The Structure Of Industrial Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay?

There are many types of industrial capacitive touch screen overlay. For example: G+G capacitive touch screen, G+F+F capacitive touch screen, P+G capacitive touch screen. So how should we choose the right touch screen?

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How To Choose The Structure Of Industrial capacitive touch screen Overlay?

1. G+G is a screen made of tempered glass + glass GLASS. Its structural sensor glass + toughened glass cover plate in two parts. The main feature is to support hard wear, corrosion resistance, high light transmittance, smooth handling and high reliability.

2. G+F+F is made of touch screen made of tempered glass + film film material. The main structure consists of two parts: toughened glass + film material. The main features are price concessions, thin screens, suitable for low-end customer groups.

3. P+G is a touch screen made of tempered glass+PC material on the surface. The main structure is composed of sensor glass + PET material glass bottom plate. The main features are low cost and simple process.

From the touch screen of the above several materials. Users can consider which touch screen to use based on budget, applicability, and user groups.

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