The Convenience Of Using Capacitive Pcap Touchscreen In Government Agencies

In many government agencies and units, in order to improve the transparency of government affairs and convenient services. Start using the touch screen to serve it. Through the application of Capacitive Pcap touchscreen, government agencies can show government propaganda to the masses faster and better. The masses can also get the information they want through simple touch operation, or handle simple business. It not only improves the service level of the unit, but also makes it convenient for the masses. What are the advantages of the smart Capacitive Pcap touchscreen that provides convenient services to the unit?

Modern Image And High Efficiency

The unique streamlined design, beautifully designed touch screen and interactive functions allow users to better accept the content. At the same time, it can be controlled remotely, and each region forms a different publicity theme. Increase public attention.

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The Capacitive Pcap touchscreen Can Display Intuitively And Facilitate Dynamic Adjustment

At present, the mainstream touch screen has been technically updated. You can randomly click on the content you want on the touch screen, and it will show clear and intuitive search results. The user can also adjust the angle of the screen independently during the reading process, and make choices about the required information to make the results more pertinent.

Civil Affairs Interaction

It's not just the government that promotes content through remote control. The people can also reflect a series of livelihood issues to the government through interactive functions. Faster means of dissemination have improved the efficiency of the government's work, and more public support.

Online Administration Of Government Affairs, Reducing Costs

To ensure safe access to the government intranet, multiple services can be handled online through the touch screen. Provide the masses with self-service handling functions. Reduce the burden on government employees and improve business handling efficiency.

Capacitive Pcap touchscreen Has Good Accuracy, Supports Multiple Touch Methods

A good touch screen will have the characteristics of good accuracy. Not only precise positioning, but also self-correction for some drifts. The most professional touch screen also supports a variety of touch methods. You can easily operate it with your fingers or the soft pen equipped with the machine.

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