Do You Really Understand The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Usb Capacitive Touch Screen ?

In the intelligent era, the development effect of these Usb capacitive touch screen industries is good, and the scope is relatively wide. Especially in our daily lives, we can often see them. For example, in stations, airports, or some large shopping malls, there is no shortage of capacitive screens. First, you can broadcast some important information.


The Advantages Of Usb Capacitive Touch Screen

The capacitive touch screen appeared to solve many defects and deficiencies of the resistive touch screen. Many of its features have obvious pertinence. From the structure point of view, it is mainly coated with a transparent film body layer on the glass screen. Then add a piece of protective glass outside the conductor layer. There are long electrodes on all four sides of the touch screen. They form a low-voltage AC electric field with the conductive body. After the human body touches the screen. The current emitted by the four-sided electrodes will accurately measure the position of the touch point in a ten-time crossing manner. Generally speaking, capacitive touch screens can have enough space to add a piece of protective glass. Fully play a protective role.

Capacitive Touch Panel Has Good Development In The Future

Although the capacitive screen and the resistive screen both use their own advantages. But a fatal injury to the resistive screen is its insatiable response. It is not as responsive as a capacitive screen. So that we have rarely seen mobile phones with resistive screens in the market now. Capacitive screen multi-touch can indeed greatly increase the efficiency of our use of mobile phones. It can also reduce the damage to the fingers. It is believed that in the near future, capacitive touch screens will continue to occupy all walks of life and continue to exert their greatest advantages.

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