What Are The Functions Of The Development Trend Of Touch Screen?

With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, touch screens have become an indispensable part of people's work and life, and there are many kinds of touch screens on the market. Touch screen including the capacitive touch screen, resistive touchscreen, saw touch screen, infrared  touchscreen and so on. Today we will discuss the trend of touch screen:

Trend Of Touch Screen

The Trend of Touch Screen:
1. Touch pen

In the early days, the touch pen only provided a light pen for menu selection, and its function was greatly enhanced. The touch screen operated with a touch pen is similar to a whiteboard. In addition to the display interface, windows, and icons, the touch pen also has the functions of signing and marking. We can often see this kind of business such as bank confirmation and signature or express delivery.

2. Touchpad

The touchpad uses pressure-sensitive capacitive touch technology with the largest screen area. It consists of three parts: the bottom layer is the center sensor, which is used to monitor whether the touchpad is touched, and then process the information; the middle layer provides interactive graphics, text, etc.; the outermost layer is the touch surface layer, which has high intensity Made of plastic materials. When a finger touches the outer surface, it can send this information to the sensor within 1/1000s, and the login process can be performed. In addition to being compatible with PCs, it also has the characteristics of high brightness, clear images, and easy interaction. Therefore, it has been used in pointing information query systems (such as electronic bulletin boards) and has received very good results.

3.Touch Screen

The touch screen is simply the combination of input and output, don't need any mechanical buttons or sliders, and the display is a man-machine interface. The entire touch screen system is including of LCD, touch screen, touch screen controller, main CPU, and LCD controller. The multi-point touch screen controller is the core of the touch screen module. The touch screen controller is now we generally use more solutions such as Focaltech, Goodix, ILITEK, EETI, Cypress, etc. They can support I2C, USB, RS232 interface. They can also support multi-touch. Compatible with Window, Android, Linux operating systems

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