Touch Screen For Healthcare


Healthcare is a fast-paced and demanding 24/7 environment that must require effective, intuitive, and reliable technology. Technology that can be essential to effectively serve patients and deal with the reality of modern healthcare needs. Reliable technology enables doctors and nurses to respond quickly in critical medical situations. So that there have many touch screen for healthcare.Let us talk about them today.

Advantages of touch screen

For patient care and doctors, time is the key factor. Touch screens have unique advantages and can help healthcare providers and patients at all levels. Many hospitals have now used touch screen devices, such as medical imaging equipment, or as a screen for patient information kiosks; and even as a tool to help patients recover.

Touch screen for healthcare

Medical information screen

The medical information screen can provide medical staff and patients with a large amount of available data. For example, patients can directly make appointments for medical appointments, and medical staff can also check patient status updates at any time. They make management functions simpler and easier to operate, allowing medical staff to free up more time and energy on patient care.

Patient Information Kiosk

In the past, when we went to the hospital to see a doctor, we always had to queue up to the manual service window to register personal information and the registration process.  The patient information kiosk now simplifies the registration process for patients requiring manual services, which also reduces the need for paper printouts and manual registration. Conversely, We can store the patient's information in the back-end database system directly. So that the hospital or medical management department can easily access it.

Assistive Technology Products

Facts have proved that touch screens are an important asset for rehabilitation. Because they can provide a simple, easy-to-use interface. This way different users can get started immediately and allow easy access to the tools. These tools involve various senses that are essential in the rehabilitation process; including vision, hearing, and coordination.

Dingtouch's touch screen solution can provide reliable and perfect performance under the most demanding medical conditions.

Main advantage

Dingtouch's touch screen technology provides the best and most reliable solutions for applications in the healthcare industry.

24/7 uptime exceeds 200,000 MTBF hours | Unprecedented reliability

Fast, accurate and repeatable | With a response time of <10 milliseconds and a touch accuracy of <2 mm, each touch point is independently tracked to provide a reliable and true multi-touch interface.

Can support finger/glove touch/capacitive pen |  Recognize the shape, size and pressure of any object, whether it is a bare finger, surgical gloves, stylus or similar inanimate objects

Customizable | Can be extended from 3.5 inches to more than 65 inches, applied to medical devices in various industries

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