Application Of Touch Screen In Restaurant

Application Of Touch Screen In Restaurant

The catering industry, especially fast food, is getting faster and faster. Now there also have many application of touch screen in restaurant. The use of touch screen technology allows consumers to order food with their fingers. As a result, there is no longer a long line in the restaurant, even during the peak meal period. The staff who used to accept orders at the cash register are now rescheduled to the food preparation area, where the number of staff has doubled. The touch screen has changed the way of serving consumers. People accept unstoppably the touch screen  and consumers and employees love it very much.

Simple Operation

Consumers order food through a touch screen installed on the restaurant counter. And there can install a speaker on the system to enable the touch screen to talk to consumers. For example, after the consumer chooses, the system will suggest “press OK to confirm, or press GO BACK to change the order.” After the order is entered, it will be displayed on the kitchen screen immediately, and the staff will distribute food in the kitchen.

Touch Screen In Restaurant Provides More Efficient Service

Consumers like efficient and fast service. The McDonald’s self-service ordering machine allows consumers to enter the menu in a few seconds after coming over. And after a while, sit down and eat, or leave with a bag of food in their hands. While consumers get fast service through touch screens, workers also simplify work procedures. They serve faster and have less hard work. For example, kitchen workers no longer need to recognize scribbled, handwritten orders. Just refer to the menu installed on the kitchen display, eliminating confusion and time wasted. The touch computer is directly connected to a beverage dispensing system. When the beverage is poured from the beverage gun, the system can automatically record the payable beverage fee on the bartender's touch screen terminal. This system reduces the number of times the bartender enters with the keyboard to speed up the service to customers.


 In the past, people working at the counter had to a list is entered from the keyboard into the computer and then the total is calculated. Now, each guest is numbered on the touch screen. Once the customer gets the food ready to pay. It can immediately enter the order number into the cash register, and the screen immediately shows the total value. For workers working at the cash register, there will be no mistakes and the work becomes simpler.

Touch Screen In Restaurant More Flexible

In addition, the touch screen in restaurant is more flexible because it eliminates the process of inputting and outputting charts through the keyboard. For example, at 10:30 every morning, the touch screen will automatically change the breakfast menu to the lunch menu. This flexibility allows restaurant and bar managers to avoid unnecessary confusion. Make them more able to concentrate on serving customers.

Reduce Training Time

The touch screen is intuitive and easy to use, which greatly shortens the training time for workers. In industries marked by mobility, shortening training time has many benefits. Especially when the hotel manager has no time for training. The most effective point-of-sale self-service system is that it is easy to use even if you are a not train user. The touch screen interface has played a very important role in making it so simple. The touch screen hides the complex work inside the self-service machine system, allowing users to focus on the important issue, which is serving consumers.

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