Do you know the 4 essential items to keep your touch screen clean?

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Do you know the 4 essential items to keep your touch screen clean?

With the popularity of touch screen applications in the new era, fingerprint smudges on the surface of the display screen are a common problem in the touch screen field. Keeping the touch screen clean is an important operation to protect and maintain the touch screen.
When you think about how often your touch screen comes into contact with your hands and fingers throughout the day, you need to keep your touch screen as clean as possible. Whether it's a point-of-sale system, a kiosk, or any number of different touch screens you might be using, the number of cashiers, waiters, managers, and customers using them means your equipment needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt, and dust . bacteria.
Therefore, it is essential to use the right items to clean your equipment to ensure the best results. Here, we’ll cover some items you can use to keep your touch screen safe, hygienic, and looking like new, as well as some cleaning considerations we at DINGTOUCH have thoroughly researched on innovative solutions to solve this problem and improve your capacitive touch screen panels. availability.

microfiber cloth

Every touchscreen cleaning kit requires a microfiber cloth. While you can get cloths specifically designed to care for gadgets, a regular microfiber cloth or even an eyeglass cloth will suffice for smaller screens.
They're soft, don't leave any scratches or fibers when used (provided they're lint-free), and simply moisten the cloth with a little distilled water to remove dirt and grime.

antibacterial wipes

As with touch screens of all kinds, keeping germs and bacteria at bay is just a matter of wiping them with antibacterial wipes. When looking for the right wipes, choose a brand specifically designed to remove bacteria, not just water-based wipes. While wipes can keep your screens looking nice, they won't remove germs that could cause harm to employees and customers.

wear gloves

For extra protection, wear rubber gloves to clean the touch screen to avoid direct skin contact with the device. Of course, these gloves need to clean themselves, and be sure to remove them before rubbing your eyes, touching your face, or going to the bathroom.

The right cleaning solution

You might think that any cleaning solution will clean your screen. However, it is important to do your research before ruining an expensive piece of equipment by choosing the wrong product.
As a rule of thumb, avoid any cleaners containing ammonia, thinners, gasoline, strong alkaline solvents, strong solvents, acids, fluoride-containing cleaners, abrasive cleaners, isopropyl alcohol in concentrations greater than 70%, and alcohol in concentrations greater than 70%. Methanol or ethanol products. Concentration greater than 35%. Such cleaners may cause optical damage to the touch screen and impair its functionality.
Instead, use a mild solution of soap and water, a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, or a suitable disinfectant product when applying solutions to screens.

Tips for cleaning your touch screen

Turn off the touch screen device and disconnect it from the wall outlet. If your touch screen device is left on while cleaning, it could cause permanent damage or even electrocution!
If necessary, use a small amount of water to remove stubborn dirt. Soak a microfiber cloth in water, and while it's damp, clean the surface of your touchscreen device to wipe away dirt or debris.
Use circular motions when wiping the screen surface - this will help prevent streaks.
Please keep a bottle of hand sanitizer next to your point-of-sale system and encourage employees to sanitize between uses. Ideally, these screens should be cleaned after each use, but this is often not possible. Hand sanitizer is a happy medium.
Please clean the touch screen as often as possible and clean the touch screen interface regularly.
Wipe the moisture off the touch screen surface with a dry cloth.
Use paper towels or a regular kitchen cloth to clean the touch screen. Their abrasive texture can spread lint around the screen and may even damage the screen surface if used excessively. The same goes for steel wool and scrubbing sponges.
Use rubbing alcohol or any of the other harsh cleaning chemicals we mentioned above. Such chemicals may strip the coating on touch screen devices. This protective layer is called an oleophobic coating and repels oil. This oleophobic coating can wear away when exposed to rubbing alcohol, causing the screen to lose its oil-resistant properties.
Excess water can oversaturate touch screen devices. Not only do water and electronics don't mix, too much water can permanently damage your touchscreen device.
Apply the cleaning solution directly to the screen. Be sure to apply the solution to the fabric for best results.

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