What Are The Technical Standards For Pcap Touch Capacitive ?

What is the structure of a Pcap touch capacitive screen?

The pcap capacitive touch screen can be simply viewed as a screen composed of four layers of composite screens: the outermost layer is a protective glass layer, followed by a conductive layer, the third layer is a non-conductive glass screen, and the fourth innermost layer It is also a conductive layer. The innermost conductive layer is the shielding layer, which plays the role of shielding the internal electrical signals. The middle conductive layer is the key part of the entire touch screen. There are direct leads on the four corners or sides to detect the position of the touch point.

The working principle of Pcap capacitive touch screen


1) Double glass of PCAP capacitive touch screen

The structure of the capacitive touch screen is mainly to plate a transparent film body layer on the glass screen. Then add a piece of protective glass outside the conductor layer. The double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and the sensor. At the same time, the light transmittance is higher, and it can better support multi-touch.

2) Working principle of capacitive touch screen

The capacitive touch screen is plated with long and narrow electrodes on all four sides of the touch screen to form a low-voltage AC electric field in the conductive body. When touching the screen, due to the electric field of the human body. A coupling capacitor is formed between the finger and the conductor layer. The current from the four-sided electrodes will flow to the contacts. The strength of the current is inversely proportional to the distance between the finger and the electrode. The controller located after the touch screen will calculate the ratio and strength of the current to accurately calculate the location of the touch point.

3) It is not affected by the outside world, and can still calculate the accurate touch screen position

The double glass of the capacitive touch screen can not only protect the conductor and the sensor. Prevent external environmental factors from affecting the touch screen more effectively. Even if the screen is dirty, dust or oil stains, the capacitive touch screen can still accurately calculate the touch position. Because the capacitance varies with the contact area and the dielectric of the medium. Therefore, its stability is relatively poor, and drift phenomenon often occurs. This kind of touch screen is suitable for the debugging stage of system development.

Technical standards for capacitive screens


Fully scratch-resistant glass material. It is not easy to be scratched and worn by sharp objects, and is not affected by common pollution sources. Such as water, fire, radiation, static electricity, dust or oil. It also has the eye protection function of goggles.


Less than two ounces of force can be sensed, and a quick response of less than 3ms.


Three surface treatments (Polish, Etch, Industrial) are available. The MTBF of the SMT controller is greater than 572,600 hours (per MILHANDBOOK-217-F1).

4)Touch life:

Any point can withstand more than 50 million touches, and the cursor will not drift after one calibration.

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