Does China's Power Curtailment Affect The World? Will Affect Pcap Touch Screen Prices Continue To Rise?

China's Power Curtailment Affects The World

As a major manufacturing country in the world, China has cut power rations under the background of "dual energy consumption control". Its impact at the industrial level is far from as simple as the outside world can see. When the main production capacity of the world's most popular consumer products and electronic products are located in China, the impact of power curtailment and production suspension may "spillover" in the global industrial chain. So Does China's Power Curtailment Affect The World? Will Affect Pcap Touch Screen Prices Continue To Rise?

Energy Consumption Dual Control

This round of electricity curtailment measures emerged in the context of "dual control of energy consumption". The so-called "dual control of energy consumption" refers to the two indicators of "energy consumption per unit of GDP" and "total energy consumption". Specifically, it refers to the dual control degree of total energy consumption and intensity. Set energy consumption total and intensity control targets according to the administrative regions of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Supervise and assess local governments at all levels. More specifically, the goal of increasing energy consumption control (ten thousand tons of standard coal) (total energy consumption) and reduction of energy consumption intensity (energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of output value) are "dual control".


Affect The Pcap Touch Screen Prices

As China's electricity curtailment reduces production capacity, it also has an impact on the touch screen industry. Our previous working hours were two shifts. Due to the electricity curtailment policy, our working hours will be reduced. This also means that the price of the touch screen may continue to rise in the future. So if you have a project that requires a touch screen, please make a project plan in time.

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