PCAP 12 Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

PCAP 12 <a href= target='_blank'>capacitive touch screen </a>Panel

PCAP 12 capacitive touch screen Panel

DINGTOUCH provides customers with various specifications of projected capacitive touch screens (PCAP, also known as PCT). According to the needs of different projects, we provide R&D, design, debugging, testing and other services to bring customers comprehensive and appropriate professional solutions. Currently, the large-size projected capacitive screen production line is fully put into use, with mass production sizes up to 65 inches.

PCAP 12 (Projected Capacitive 12) capacitive touch screen panel is a touch screen device using projected capacitive technology, with a size of 12 inches. The PCAP touch screen panel uses an organic transparent conductive material to cover the display surface, and realizes touch operations through capacitance changes.

The PCAP 12 capacitive touch screen panel has the following features:

1. Multi-touch: PCAP technology supports multi-touch, which can identify multiple touch points at the same time and implement multi-point gesture operations such as zooming, rotating and dragging.
2. High sensitivity: The PCAP touch screen panel is very sensitive to touch and can achieve fast and accurate touch input.
3. High transparency: The PCAP touch screen panel has high transparency and will not affect the visual effect of the display, making the display content clearly visible.
4. Anti-scratch and wear-resistant: The outer covering material of the PCAP touch screen panel usually has anti-scratch and wear-resistant properties and can withstand large physical pressure and friction.

5. High stability: PCAP capacitive touch screen panel adopts advanced touch control chip and circuit design, which has stable performance and long life.

PCAP 12 <a href= target='_blank'>capacitive touch screen </a>Panel

PCAP 12 capacitive touch screen panels are widely used in various electronic equipment and application fields, including industrial control, medical equipment, traffic navigation, self-service equipment, etc., providing users with a convenient and interactive touch operation experience.

DINGTOUCH: With more than 10 years of touch screen R&D technology, manufacturing experience, rich touch product lines and fast private customization functions, it provides perfect one-stop service for customer products. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of DingTouch touch screens.

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