Do You Need A Multi-touch Capacitive Touchscreen?

Many devices are now equipped with multi-touch capacitive touch screen. So today we talk about the 10-point touch capacitive touch screen. We see more and more multi-touch display touch screens on the market. Most of the display screens of some self-service kiosks support 10-point touch to 20-point touch. Among them, 10-point touch is more commonly used for touch screens with a size of 15.6-inch or 10.1-inch.

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Multi-touch Capacitive touchscreen

The touch point depends on customer needs. I have encountered such a customer who wanted a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen but requested 10-point touch. But generally such a small size capacitive touch screen is generally at most five-point touch. The first one is that the screen size ten-point touch is basically not useful. However, due to the explanation with the customer, the customer also accepted the 5-point touch.

Reliable Multi-touch Capacitive touchscreen Manufacturer

Therefore, while choosing a Multi-touch Capacitive touchscreen, it is really important to find a reliable and capable manufacturer. The salesperson must understand the customer's needs and give a reasonable design or touch-control solution according to the customer's needs. As far as I know, many suppliers sometimes directly make customized samples to customers. Will not give the customer the drawing confirmation first. Generally, we will first make a picture for the customer to confirm and then make a sample. So these preliminary confirmation work is very important.

Dingtouch PCAP Touch Screen Manufacturer

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