What Big Changes Can The Multi Capacitive Touch Glass Bring?

Multi Capacitive Touch Glass Is Widely Used

With the development of the multi capacitive touch glass industry, let us know how to use mechanical equipment to work, and the effect will be better. Especially in the technological age, the application of capacitive touch screens is already very common. In our daily life, mobile phones, touch-screen computers, projectors and the like all have the shadow of touch screens. For example, when we go out to eat in a restaurant, we can order food directly on the electronic device. Very convenient and efficient. Think about these capacitive touch screens, they are still indispensable in our daily life!


The Touch Industry Ushered In Rapid Development

The touch industry has ushered in rapid development. This way of human-computer interaction has rapidly changed people’s lives. For a while, touch is everywhere, from smart phones to tablets, and to many touches in the commercial field. It can be said that people’s acceptance and demand for touch control have ushered in a new peak.

There are currently two types of displays with touch controls. One is a display with only touch function. One is that both touch and system (commonly Android) have both. They all belong to the category of smart displays. With the popularization of application fields, the appearance is becoming more and more diversified, and the price is also declining.

Large-size Multi Capacitive Touch Glass Development

We use multi capacitive touch glass in all-in-one machines with ten-finger touch. The fast response and the exquisite appearance are well-loved. Whether it is used for commercial touch display, government affairs inquiries, or in the teaching field, it is an irreplaceable touch product. The most popular sizes currently used in the field are 15.6-inch, 17-inch, 18.5-inch, 19-inch, 21.5-inch, 23.6-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch, 42-inch. The largest size of the touch all-in-one machine on the market is 55 inches. So as the technology matures, large-size capacitive touch screens are just around the corner.

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