Kitchen oil-proof touch screen

Kitchen oil-proof touch screen

Kitchen oil-proof touch screen is a touch screen device specially designed for use in the kitchen environment. It uses special oil-proof coating or protective technology to resist the grease and dirt generated in the kitchen while maintaining its normal touch functionality and clarity. Such touch screens are commonly found in kitchen appliances, cooking equipment and smart home systems.

DINGTOUCH offers kitchen grease-proof touch screens with features including:

1. Oil-proof coating: The surface of the touch screen is covered with a specially designed oil-proof coating, making it resistant to grease penetration and easy to clean.

2. High temperature resistance: Considering the high temperature and steam in the kitchen environment, this type of touch screen usually has high temperature resistance to ensure stable operation in high temperature environments.

3. Anti-scratch design: Surface materials usually have anti-scratch properties and can resist scratches from kitchen tools such as knives and shovels.

4. High light transmittance: The touch screen needs to maintain high transparency to ensure that the displayed content is clearly visible.

5. Durability: Able to withstand frequent touching and cleaning, maintaining long-term stable performance.

These features enable kitchen oil-proof touch screens to provide reliable touch operation in kitchen environments while reducing the workload of cleaning and maintenance.

DINGTOUCH touch screens can be customized with waterproof, oil-proof, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance and other properties to improve their reliability and durability in specific environments.

For more information on DINGTOUCH’s latest touch screen products and touch technologies, it is recommended to check the official website or contact the brand’s authorized agent for detailed specifications and performance information.

DINGTOUCH: With more than 10 years of touch screen R&D technology, manufacturing experience, rich touch product lines and fast private customization functions, it provides perfect one-stop service for customer products. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of DingTouch touch screens.

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