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10 facts About why choose Dingtouch That’s ll Keep You Up at Night

10 facts About why choose Dingtouch That’s ll Keep You Up at Night

Dingtouch TOUCH SCREEN Manufacturer

Other TOUCH SCREEN Manufacturer

Production Size

Dingtouch can produce 1.44-65PCAP TOUCH SCREEN

Generally just can produce 7-32 PCAP TOUCH SCREEN


Dingtouch can do

Glass+sensor Glass,

PMMA+sensor Glass,Glass+Film+film,


Many supplier will buy the sensor glass or film sensor from us

Glass+sensor glass, PMMA+sensor glass


Dingtouch can do chip on the FPC with EETI /ILITEK BGA solution

Cant do it


Can do Waterproof( water,Rainwater,brine,water vapor,snow,oily,sweat etc.)

Gloves touch(Material of Gloves:Nylon,Rubber,Leather,Synthetic leather ect. The thickness of Gloves is 0.25-1.5mm)

Just can do waterproof,cant do other type of waterproof.

Just can do thinner Gloves touch

Custom designs

Can be modified or customized to meet to your exact specifications

Not available

Private Label

Can be private labeled with your company name,logo,and unique model number.We can sign NDA with your company

Not available

Initial VS Long term cost

Cost is a big part of the purchase decision; industrial touch screen cost more up-front, but their higher performance, reliability and longevity justify a higher initial investment

Lower initial cost.But they will not endure industrial ,wet, or other demanding environments

Tech support

Tech support,troubleshooting from technicians with 5 years+ experience

Relies from non-technical salesperson or overseas call centers who have minimal product training or experience

Product quality

High quality,industrial-grade components for long-term dependability

High grade Chip solution to ensure perfect performance

Long operating life( 5-7 years typical)

Low lost components for mass production of low cost touch screen

Low to chip solution

1-2 years typical useful life


Industrial control,Military device,medical carts,medical equipment,Kiosks ,marine,digital signage,smart home,POS machine,

For low-end cell Phone


Contact: Dingtouch

Phone: +8615815536116

Tel: +8615815536116


Add: Building A, Bailu Plaza, No. 48, Gonghe Industrial Road, Gongle Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China. 518126