The Development Of Industrial Touch Screens Overlay Technology

The birth of Industrial Touch Screens Overlay, standardized data communication lines and communication networks have developed rapidly. Various single (multiple) loop regulators, PLC, industrial ratio, NC and other industrial control equipment form a large system. To meet factory automation requirements. Make the industrial computer more comprehensive, intelligent and simplistic.

Industrial Touch Screens Overlay Are Developing Towards Intelligence

Due to the development of database systems, reasoning functions, etc. Especially the application of knowledge base system (KBS) and expert system (ES). Such as self-learning control, remote diagnosis and self-optimization. Artificial intelligence will be implemented at all levels of the DCS. Similar to FF fieldbus, a microprocessor-based intelligent device. Such as intelligent I/O intelligent PID control, intelligent sensors, transmitters, actuators, intelligent human interfaces and programmable regulators have appeared one after another.

 Industrial Touch Screens Overlay

Simple Touch Screen Operation Direction

For industrial computer, it is good to be able to operate simply. This will also be the direction of future development. Simple operation can improve the man-machine interface, simplify programming, and use symbol keys on the operation panel. Try to use dialogue, etc., to make it easier for users to use. The application of Industrial Touch Screens Overlay greatly simplifies the tedious operation on the buttons. However, make the operation simple and easy to understand, and make human-computer interaction more intuitive.

The addition of the touch screen makes the human-computer interaction more intuitive and can be controlled directly on the touch screen. The touch screen itself is an input device. It can complete the input of information .So it is equivalent to the role of a mouse and a keyboard. Obviously, in human interaction, it is very convenient to use the touch screen for simple and repetitive operation commands.

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