DINGTOUCH:What is the difference between optical bonding and air bonding?

DINGTOUCH:What is the difference between optical bonding and air bonding?

Full fit

The touch screen display technology uses OCA to be fully laminated together. The cost may be higher, but there will be no gaps in the middle. It is a very good solution for waterproofing and dustproof, so optical bonding is the best prevention. In addition to OCA optical bonding and full water glue lamination are generally used for iron frames of LCD screens or ultra-narrow bezel touch display screens.

frame sticker

The display touch screen frame is attached with double-sided tape. Generally, 3M water-based glue is used. The cost is relatively lower. There will be a gap of 1mm between the touch screen and the display screen. If it is used outdoors or In a relatively humid environment, it is easy for water mist or dust to enter.

Why Choose Fully Fitted Touch Screen

Frame sticker:

The frame sticker will look gray. If it is used outdoors, there will be some small water droplets or dust between the touch screen and the LCD when the outdoor ambient temperature is low. The frame sticker is generally used indoors. And the use environment is better.

Display touch screen frame sticker, which allows us to see that the brightness of the useful light in the display screen is lower than the brightness of the reflected light. The reflected light makes white brighter, drowning out black and other colors. This makes the LCD screen poorly readable under strong light.

Full fit:

Optical bonding has a great visual effect. The texture will look more transparent and the surface will look darker. When used outdoors, water mist and dust will not enter the middle of the touch display. It is a good choice to fully fit outdoors or in relatively humid places.

The fully-fitted display touch screen not only greatly improves the readability of the display under strong light, but also increases the reliability of the display in harsh environments.

Benefits of full fit optical binding

Optical binding eliminates the gap between the touch screen and the display. Compared with traditional lamination technology, the advantages of full lamination are obvious.

   ·Improve daylight readability by 400%

   ·Improve impact resistance by up to 300%

   ·Withstand extreme temperatures

   ·Can adopt lighter and thinner display design

   ·Prevent condensation and fogging

   ·Resistant to stains, dirt, dust, scratches and moisture

Fully Bonded and Frame Bonding are two touch screen bonding methods. The differences between them are as follows:

Lamination method: Full lamination means that the touch-sensing layer is directly and completely adhered to the surface of the display screen. The touch-sensing layer is closely adhered to the display screen with almost no air gap. The frame sticker refers to fixing the touch-sensitive layer on the frame of the display screen, with a certain gap between it and the display screen.

Touch experience: The fully-fitted touch screen can provide a better touch experience because there is no air gap. The touch sensing is more accurate and sensitive, and has better transparency and visual effects. Due to the gap in the frame-mounted touch screen, there may be a slight feeling of air when touching, and the touch feeling is relatively weak.

Display quality: Since there is no air gap, the fully laminated touch screen can reduce light reflection and scattering, improve the display quality, and make the image more vivid and higher in contrast. The presence of gaps in frame-mounted touch screens may cause a certain degree of light reflection, reducing display quality and visual effects.

Design and appearance: The fully integrated touch screen is simpler and slimmer in structure, more beautiful in appearance, and more compact overall. The frame-mounted touch screen will increase the size and weight of the frame due to the presence of the frame, making the appearance relatively prominent.

In general, fully-fitted touch screens have better touch experience, display quality and appearance due to no air gap, but the production cost is higher. The frame-mounted touch screen is relatively more economical, but there may be a slight gap in terms of touch feel and visual effects. Which method to choose depends on the specific product application scenarios. D I N G T O U C H can provide more personalized touch screen solutions based on your product personalized needs.

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