Dingtouch Capacitive Touch Screen, Why Are There No Bubbles On The Surface?

Dingtouch Capacitive Touch Screen, Why Are There No Bubbles On The Surface?

Generally, the production process of capacitive touch screen consists of a four-layer composite glass touch screen. The optical glue used for the sandwich of the inner surface of the glass is used for bonding. After all, it uses optical glue to bond the cover glass and sensor glass together. So in the process of bonding, there may be bubbles. But why is the surface of the Dingtouch capacitive touch screen that our real customers receive is very flat? Do you know the reason for this? Let us discuss it today.

Reason For capacitive touch screen No Bubbles

In fact, when the glass cover and the sensor glass are optically bonded, there will indeed be more or less bubbles on the surface. However, in the production process, we use a vacuum laminating defoaming machine to dissolve the optical glue at a high temperature. Then our cover plate and the functional film are fully bonded together to realize the TP touch screen. The surface of the capacitive touch screen is very clean and there are no bubbles or stains, so the display touch screens of the inquiry kiosk, advertising kiosk, and vending machine are all very clean.

Another important reason is whether the environment of the touch screen production workshop meets the standard. Before the capacitive touch screen is produced, it needs to be produced and bonded in a dust-free workshop of a thousand to a hundred. Otherwise, there may be dust in the touch screen. Therefore, it is also very important to find the production workshop environment of the touch screen manufacturer.

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