In depth Custom Pcap Touchscreen Design Skills

In depth Custom Pcap touchscreen Design Skills

In fact, if the product has an LCD or keyboard, designers may need to consider how to design a product that uses touch technology. When designing a Custom Pcap touchscreen, there are many different solutions and various performances. Of course, various design considerations are also required. So now it is necessary to understand the technology in depth. And it’s time to evaluate your product range. Only in this way can we become the leader in the market, and a good appearance design is the starting point of the design.

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Custom Pcap touchscreen Technology Is Everywhere

From telephones, office equipment, speakers, digital photo frames, TV control keys, remote controls, GPS systems, car keyless control, to medical monitoring equipment, touch devices are everywhere! Every industry, every product type, every size, every application, and even every price point cannot do without touch technology. Now we can say that touch technology is everywhere.

In depth analysis of touch technology to understand the design requirements is the most important first step in the design of touch products. Many providers in the touch screen supply chain usually provide a lot of confusing different components, and more often some providers join together to provide a value chain for end customers. Figure 1 shows the structure of the touch screen ecosystem. What's interesting is that the ecosystem is the same whether in the latest laptops or the latest touch screen phones.

Custom Pcap touchscreen Design Skills

1)Front Cover Glass

The front panel or frame is the outermost layer of the end product. In some products, the outer frame encloses a transparent cover plate to avoid being affected by external harsh weather or humidity, and also to prevent the following sensing products from being scratched and damaged . Sometimes, the outermost frame simply covers the top of the touch sensor. In this case, it is just a decoration.

2)Touch Screen Controller

Generally, the touch controller is a small microcontroller chip located between the touch sensor and the PC/or embedded system controller. The chip can be assembled on the controller board inside the system, or it can be placed on a flexible printed circuit (FPC) glued to the glass touch sensor. The touch controller will extract the information from the touch sensor . And convert it into information that the PC or embedded system controller can understand.

3)Touch Sensor Glass

The touch screen "sensor" is a transparent glass plate with a touch-responsive surface. there is place the sensor on the LCD.  So that the touch area of the panel can cover the visible area of the display. There are many different touch sensing technologies on the market today. Each of which uses a different method to detect touch input. Basically, these technologies cause current to flow through the panel during touch, thereby generating a voltage or signal change. This voltage change will be sensed by the touch controller to determine the touch position on the screen.

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